Chapter Six

Take This Medicine

Lise's Persepective

After just leaving the Something Corporate bus and returning to the Simple Plan bus, I was assaulted by David. He practically jumped on top of me, knocking me onto the floor in the process. With his body firmly pressed against mine and holding it down I had no way of escaping.

"Listen, we really have got to talk about the whole Seb thing."

"No thanks David. I really don't think that it's any of your business."

"But you have to at least give me five seconds to explain myself." David grabbed my arm as I tried to push myself around him. "Just hear me out."

"Fine. It's not like I have a choice anyway."

"Thank you." David practically curtsied before continuing. "I know that you've had a lot of..erm..issues. And I think that you're a great girl from what I'm seen. And I don't think that you're bad for Seb necessarily. But you need to tread lightly. He just got out of a really bad relationship with a girl that screwed him over big time. Just please be careful, okay?"

"So you've been stalking me practically just to tell me that? What do I look like, an evil using vixen or something? Or course I'm going to treat him right. I'm not a bitch, thank you." With a lot of force I pushed past David angrily and practically launched myself into the shower, grabbing my towel before doing so. I didn't even turn on the water though, I just sat down and leaned against the walls of the bottom tub. Whenever I needed private time to think I sat in the shower. Because none of the boys ever interrupted me when I was in the shower, but I was about to be proved wrong. As I started to doubt myself because of what David had said, I was interrupted by Seb jumping into the shower on top of me.

"I overheard what David said to you." I'm sure the somber look on my face made Seb feel worse than he already did. He looked very disappointed that David had said something to me, but maybe I was just reading into things. "And I wouldn't be getting involved with you if I wasn't ready for you. Trust me, I am. And I know that you're not going to screw me over. You're way too nice and I could see that from the beginning."

I smiled just a tiny bit, though it grew when Seb wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my torso, pulling me in close. He touched his warm lips to mine and kissed me tentatively. Hungrily, I opened my mouth and forced my tongue into his mouth. We kissed passionately for a few minutes before we both broke the kiss for air and realized that we were making out in the shower, without the water on.

"We are in a shower and no one knows that you're in here with me. I mean you can't see the through the shower curtain and no one interrupts me when I'm showering." Seb didn't need a second invitation, he threw the towel onto the curtain rod and slowly pulled my shirt over my head, kissing my neck after he did so. I slid his shirt off in response and he unbuttoned my pants. Soon enough we'd kissed each other all over our bodies and were completely naked. I switched warm water and after pulling Seb under the water with me, kissed him with my dripping wet lips. Never in my entire life had I felt as sexy as I did right then. I closed my eyes as Seb ran his hands up and down my body and kissed my slightly tan skin.

"Lise there's a chance I love you." I practically laughed.

"Seb there's a chance I love you too."


David found me a few hours later, cuddling with Seb on my bunk. Seb had been asleep for about twenty minutes and I was starting to doze off before David approached us.

"I'm sorry if you thought I was trying to be rude, I really wasn't. I was just looking out for a friend." For some reason I actually didn't care about David anymore. Well the reason may have been that I still had Seb, but I wasn't sure if that was the reason or not.

"It's fine, don't worry about it. I'm just happy that Seb has me as a girlfriend and you as a best friend."

"Thanks I guess. That's cool you guys are dating."

"Yes, it actually is very cool." Even though our conversation seemed very high school I enjoyed it. There was something so silly about it all. As David gave me a wave and walked away I realized something. Going to Warped Tour was the best thing for me.

((Author Note: I hope that you guys liked this chapter, I intend to add more to the this story. But yes, in case you were thinking it. I did end this chapter in such a way that it didn't seem as open anymore. But there needs to be some more about Andrew and Jess. Hopefully I can update this soon because I am officially, as of yesterday finished with high school. Love Kimmi))