Wrap me up in darkness
And never let me go.
Tell me all the things you shouldn't,
I would really like to know.

You can tell me all your secrets,
The darkest that you have.
Know I'll never betray you,
For you are all I've had.

Tell me all your secrets, Darkness
And I'll tell you mine.
We'll keep each others secrets, Darkness
And never let them shine.

Oh won't you please, Darkness?
It would be ever so kind.
If you opened up a bit
And let me inside your mind.

I've told you all my secrets, Darkness
And you never once betrayed me.
I trust you, Darkness. Really, I do.
But do you trust me, honestly?

Darkness, Darkness
Answer me.
Darkness, Darkness
Can't you hear my pleas?