Chapter 12


Nighttime finally came, much to our relief. We were all bursting with anticipation, waiting, wondering. Laying in our beds, fully clothes, with the covers pulled up to our chins, Wade and I waited for Ethan Morris to pass by our rooms, checking to make sure we were in our rooms because curfew was very important.

After Ethan had peeked in our room to check on us, Wade glanced over at me.

"This is it," Wade whispered in my ear.

I nodded my head and took a deep breath. I was scared to death, afraid this wasn't going to work.

Wade and I walked over to the door of our room and listened to Ethan's footsteps as he walked on down the hallway, checking all the rooms. I took this moment to ask Wade.

"Is Jamie really coming with us?" I asked..

"No, he can't come. He'd slow us down plus he couldn't survive out there in the real world," Wade whispered, peeking out of the door, trying to see if Ethan was gone.

"He just went into Kenton's office," Wade said.

"Should we attempt it now?" I asked, shaking nervously.

"Let's head on over to Billy's room," Wade said.

Quietly and cautiously we stepped out into the hallway, closing the door gently behind us. We tiptoed across the floor, hoping the sound of our shoes on the cold hard floor wouldn't echo. My heart was pounding and I could hear Wade breathing heavily, nervous as well. Finally we made it to Billy's room and slowly stepped inside.

Billy was sitting on his bed, fully clothed and ready, along with Levi.

"You guys ready?" Wade whispered.

"Yeah," they both replied in usion.

"Where's Jamie?" Levi asked.

"Hopefully he's asleep. He's not coming with us. He'll just slow us down," Wade said.

"Alright guys, let's go. Ethan will probably be in Kenton's office for awhile so we can go. We're going to go down to the basement and you guys know the rest," Wade said.

We all gathered around the door and slowly crept out of the room. I had no idea where the basement was but Wade knew, obviously.

We passed through the TV room and to our horror there Jamie sat on the little sofa, dressed and holding a teddy bear, shivering in the dark.

I walked over to him.

"Jamie…what are you doing in here?" I whispered.

"I-I-I wanted t-o-o come," he whispered softly.

I looked up at Wade and he sighed.

"Alright, come on then," he muttered.

I took Jamie's hand in mine and he stood up. So begin our trek into the dark basement whose dark door was hidden away in the kitchen. Surprisingly it was unlocked but this did not seem to surprise Wade. He eased it open and motioned for us to follow him down the dank dark stairs.

It was chilly and we could hardly see as we made our way down the stairs into the basement. Jamie clung to me and whimpered ever so often. Suddenly something wet and furry ran over Levi's shoe and he let out a loud screech that echoed throughout the walls.

"Shut up you idiot!" Wade hissed slapping Levi across the face.

Levi was stunned by the blow and reached up to rub his face, red from Wade's blow.

To our dismay and shock we suddenly heard voices coming from upstairs.

"They heard Levi!" I gasped.

"Quick this way," Wade ordered, taking off down the long stairway, us following closely behind him.

We made it to the bottom and ran through the basement that was cluttered with boxes of old junk and different odds and ends.

"We're almost there. We're almost free boys!" Wade said as we ran through the basement.

Our hearts were pounding, filled with excitement, fear, and anticipation. I could almost taste the fresh air, the smell of the city, oh I couldn't wait! There was the door, there was our freedom. Wade grabbed the door knob and….then everything seemed to stop. He twisted, pulled, and jerked the door knob.

"What's wrong?" Billy asked, nervously.

"It…it won't open!" Wade exclaimed, cursing under his breath.

"Oh god no," Levi whispered, covering his face with his hands.

"Don't panic. I'll get it open," Wade said, kicking at the door.

We stood, waiting for the door to open, but it wouldn't budge.

To Be Continued…

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