SixX Candles

By: Kuranthia Valentine

I wrote this as a new style of writing, it is not my normal genre. Please read it with an open and accepting mind. Thank you.

The cool night of early summer had set in fast as I walked home from work. My feet aching and my thighs burning from standing stationary all day helped the short walk seem longer. With my book tucked under my arm, my M&Ms in my hand and the night thick around me, I studied my surroundings carefully as I came off the main sidewalk and entered the apartment complex.

Calling ahead, I remembered I left my keys inside because I had walked instead of drove Zak's black Neon.

"Itadakimasu?" he answered, clearly and intentionally, not saying the right Japanese greeting.

"Open the door, please." I asked as I heaved myself up the stairs. My purple T-shirt seeming too heavy for the warm night and my gray slacks too long for my short legs. I had pulled up just a bit of my long red-brown hair into a tiny gold barrette.

"Why?" he asked, being his usual difficult self.

"Because I don't have my keys." I answered, standing at the landing of the last flight of steps.

I saw his face through the window in the glass, his long, mid back blonde hair pulled back into a pony. His blue eyes laughing as he turned away. "Nah." He answered, quickly hanging up.

Indignant, I rushed up the stairs and kicked the door.

Quickly he returned and opened the door. "I wasn't going to leave you there." He explained, following me to our apartment. "You're going to disturb our neighbors," he grinned roguishly at me as he held open the door for me.

"They'll get over it." I retorted, entering the darkened apartment.

Our roommate, Holly, stood in the hall.

"Hello." I greeted before flopping onto the couch.

"Hey." She greeted cheerfully before she was subjected to another round of torture and torment by Zak.

At this point in the days, I usually tune them out, letting them vent all of their aggressive emotions, careful not to let it seep to me. Early on I learned that if I just leave them, they don't bring me into their rough-housing bouts unless they grab a hold of me and drag me in; which at that point, I have no choice but to retaliate.

After a few minutes, Zak and I went out to dinner at On The Border and enjoyed an evening to ourselves. We talked about Final Fantasy XI, an online role-playing game we play, and my work.

The drive home was nice with some more conversation. Back in the apartment, Zak proceeded to hassle Holly a little, giving her the mail he had retrieved after parking. Gleefully, I opened my state return check, relieved it was more than my five-dollar federal one.

Sighing and leaning back into the soft confines of the couch, I turned on my computer and enjoyed a conversation with a coworker about World of Warcraft. He had been on me for two weeks to get the game, but seeing as how I only have a laptop, thus minimal ram and memory, I'd been hesitant.

Taking my leave of the conversation and the computer, I casually retreated to the bedroom after informing Zak I would be gone for a while.

The room was dark and cool. The windows open and the shades closed. Shutting the door, I went to the bathroom and pulled down my candles. Lighting them, I turned off the bathroom light to see if it would be light enough. Unsatisfied, I went back into the bedroom and searched for two four more. Finally satisfied with six, four lavenders and two green teas, I turned off the lights.

Turning back to the mirror, I pulled out my hair clip and brushed the fluffy strands away from my face.

I'd always enjoyed how brilliantly green my eyes seemed to get the darker my eye shadow became. Taking off my shirt and dark blue bra, I skeptically examined my breasts. My nipples were large, and dark, though they never looked so glancing down.

Unfastening my slacks, I pulled them off with my underwear and examined my full upper body. There was a small, barely noticeable except for the shadows from the candles, indention that lead from just below my sternum to the bottom of my belly. I trailed my finger up and down and over it, studying it by feel and sight. It looked awkward and made me feel the same.

Sighing I took off my collar, a pink band with a pink heart inlaid with a faux diamond, my promise ring, my class ring and my other heart shaped ruby and diamond necklace (this one real) and stepped into the shower. Already the relaxing aroma of the candles was affecting me. Turning the water to warm, I turned on the shower and let the water run over the back of my legs, acclimating myself to the heat.

Bending over, I spread my legs and cheeks and let the heating water run over my pussy and down my thighs. It felt good, an almost erotic feeling. Standing up, I turned my face to the water and let it run over me. Washing my hair and my face, I turned to the side and stretched out my right leg.

Glancing down, I noticed its form in the shadows cast by the candles. My thighs were thick, but muscular, a roll of muscle developed from walking appeared on the upper part of the back of my thigh. Intrigued, I flexed my leg repeatedly, turning it this way and that. The front of my leg was a clearly well developed muscle, causing a small, wide valley where the chubby-ness of my stomach ended and my thigh began. My calves were similar to my thighs, muscle. Nevertheless, it was muscle that was developed from dancing, not walking. In short, my legs were nice and attractive and I loved the look of them.

Standing straight, I turned back into the comfort of the water. Washing my chest, I watched the bubbles slowly slide down my chest and over the roll of my breasts to drip off my now tight nipples. Reaching up, I pinched the dark peaks and teased them to harder peaks before cupping the full weight of each breast in my hand. I enjoyed the feel of my breasts, the soft skin and weight, if I could suck them as another could, I would be latched onto them all day.

Releasing my breasts and rinsing off my chest, I lathered up my hands and washed the patch of dark curls between my legs. Often I only shaved my lips, between my thighs and the sides, leaving only a large triangle on the front. Rubbing my hands along the sides, I moved all the way down, massaging around my pussy and over my lips. Tugging them and pulling them, I pinched them between my fingers. It almost felt sinfully good to treat my lips that way. I wanted to do it forever. I washed briefly but thoroughly over my clit. If I stayed too long, I was sure to begin playing with myself.

Propping one leg up, I rinsed off my clit and grabbed the conditioner off the rack. Massaging the thick pink cream through my hair, I closed my eyes and savored the feel. It was wonderful to feel fingers on my scalp, especially on my neck and behind my ears. It always relaxed me. I sighed deeply and rinsed it out.

Standing underneath the water, I stared down at my toes, still pleased with the roll of muscle on my legs. I noticed that as I stood, I curled my three middle toes, leaving my big toe and tiny curved pinkie toe relaxed. Bending down, I tried to uncurl my toes, only to see them resume their position. Biting my lips, I stayed bent over, letting the hot water tease trickling paths between my ass cheeks and over my erect clit.

Moaning softly, desperately not wanting to masturbate, I turned off the water and slowly dried my body. The soft cotton of the large red towel warmed my goosebumped skin. I rubbed the towel through my hair tossing it this way and that tousling it to a wild mess. I gently dried my legs and between my thighs, patting the curls dry.

Stepping out of the tub, I twisted my toes on the towel to dry them and hung it back over the shower rod. Passing the mirror, I gave my body another once over. Fisting my hands in my hair, I raised my arms and watched my breasts rise to perfect, firm circles. I smiled happily. I loved my breasts; they were beautiful and soft. Shaking my shoulders, I watched them roll back and forth with a wicked smile.

Sauntering into my closet I pulled out my robe, threw it lazily around my body and laid on my bed flat on my back. With my hands behind my head I stared down at the soft mounds my breasts made. Reaching up I pinched my nipples again, grinning at the tight peaks they made. Trailing my hands down my stomach and over my hips, I teased the lips of my pussy. I moaned softly and wrapped the robe tighter around me. Rolling over, savoring the warmth of my room from my shower and the softness of the cotton and closed my eyes to the growing darkness.