Lost within the sands of time
Patrons of an invisible crime
Words flow for all to hear
Telling those who remain near
Spoken words of tormented hate
Of the lives lost to a cruel fate
Screaming confession of a vicious lie
The tainted ones to be sent to die
Treasonus forces of life and death
The survivor speaks with one last breath
Come hear it now, the tales of old
Revealing the fates of lives untold
The stories of heroes across the lands
Of those left fighting when none other stands
Come hear about those who die for you
Because of the things you put them through
And know the survivor outlasts them all
For fighting and fighting, refusing to fall
And those who listen, able to help
Do nothing but stand and stare and shout
Every hope listening on a fateful day
Turn around and walk away
The speaker, the survivor, now stands alone
Voices utter in their sombre tone
The one remaining finally gives in
To the dark cruel fate which awaits him
And like so many others, he follows suit
A permanent solution to his inner dispute
His death, like others, was premature
With a long life left to never endure
The fate which befalls him can be undone
When he speaks out to everyone
"Help," he cries, "is all I need
A vision, a trust, a reason to bleed
Hear me now, fair people of trust
Hear my cry, please, you must."
You are but one, part of the crowd
Do you ignore him as he shouts out loud?
Spoken words of tormented hate,
Do you leave him here to face his fate?