All My Dreams

By Carter Tachikawa

(Yes, I still write stuff these days. I know I don't update as much as I should. However, my first book is coming out and that's the reason why I haven't done so updating. More details to come later. Anyway, original lyrics, rock song. Have fun reading.)

I tip the hourglass over
And watch the sand run down
Hear the clock ticking slowly
Waste my time sitting 'round
It's just painful when the night comes
And I'm trying to close my eyes
But I'm taunted by the memories
These feelings I can't deny

You are the one that I wanted
And the one I can't run from
You've promised to stay with me
When all was said and done
And I don't know
Why I let you go

Coming in, going out
I'm not sure where I'm headed
Letting go, getting close
I'm torn when I think of you
It's confusing and it's hurting
But I've got to choose
What do I do?
When all my dreams
are haunted by you?


I feel like I'm going to melt
The zombies are eating my brain
I'm about to let go of the ledge
As my heart is spit out again
I can't sleep with the lights on
And I can't sleep in the dark
I just pray my dreams each night
Lead me to where you are

You are the one who slipped away
And the one who stepped inside
Never thought you'd leave because
Of the secrets I had to hide
What was there before?
Why isn't it there anymore?


I have to stop pretending
You're the poison I desire
I can turn from the heat
But I can't turn from the fire
What do I do?
Why am I crying for you?
Can't you explain?
Or at least soothe this pain?


-Copyright 2005: Carter Tachikawa

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