By:Andrew Troy Keller

A whisper could be for certain things,like for instance,telling a certain someone that you love him/her.
Which of course,was the case with one Electra Kane,CEO of the Kane Foundation--and for an obvious reason,the most unhappy woman in all of America.
The reason was that she was sick and tired of being a single woman,and had wished to get married to the one man who would be her one true love.
Then one evening,while Electra was on her way home from a charity party within the east side of Lakewood,when without warring,a red trans-am had suddenly struck her chaffuller-driven limo.
After that had happened,both Electra and the trans-am driver had gotten out of their cars,in order to see how much damage there was.
Then suddenly,when Electra and the driver had looked at each other,they had noticed something within their eyes--something of pure passion.
As soon as the tow truck had arrived,Electra had discovered that the trans-am driver was known as Mark Bronkman,an technoartist whose lastest work,entitled 'The Real Body Erotica',was on display at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
After the tow truck had towed the trans-am to the nearest body shop,Electra had invited Mark to spend the night at her penthouse apartment.
And of course,not being the one to look a gift horse in the mouth,Mark had accepted the invitation.
Once they had reached the penthouse and entered the bedroom,Mark had been kissing Electra on the neck,cheek,and mouth,while removing her clothes.
The next morning,both Electra and Mark were still alseep after the most exciting night of passionate lovemaking on Earth.
Then suddenly,Electra had woken up and after she had discovered Mark still next to her,she had smiled,moved herself towards him,and whispered,"I love you,Mark.I really do love you."
And if you want to know what future plans hold for the two lovers,just ask Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bronkman,and they'll tell you.