In Denial

When I found out that you were leaving

I denied it being true

I held onto you tighter

Praying I wasn't going to lose you

But then the day came

When I had to let you go

I bit the tears back until I bled

My true feelings, I refused to show

I closed my eyes and sighed

Numbing my mind and heart

I refused to acknowledge the truth

That I'd have to make a new start

When you called the last time

And said how you loved only me

I started to realize it really was happening

You were leaving this side of the country

You really were leaving for there

That other place so far away

You were going to move on and thrive

Your sun would rise to your new day

The tears started to flow

And my lip I started to bite again

It hurt so much to have to say it

That it really was the end

I doubled in pain

And I fell to the floor

The feelings were unbearable

The heartache, I couldn't ignore

I screamed in agony

All the pain I buried deep inside

I screamed your name over and over

And cried and cried

I really had to admit the reality

It really was to be

You really were going to go

You really left me