How can I make you see

Just how much you mean to me

How every night I dream of you

Hoping that you're thinking of me too

Our days were numbered too few

And I never stopped loving you

But now that you're gone away

And living up a brand new day

I dream of how it used to be

When you were in love with me

I think of the way things were

All the pain and sorrow we had to endure

How you said you'd never let go

But you did, don't you know?

You held her hand and kissed her cheek

And gave her that smile that made me weak

She smiled and leaned into your embrace

And openly smiled in my face

She knew she had won

Even before your love for her had begun

And I turned around and started to weep

For your love, I couldn't keep

So I left and returned back home

Hating every second spent alone

But now I see it had to be

You couldn't stay in love with me

But just know before we're through

That I'll always love you

Ugh … now I know why I stopped writing in couplets! Sorry that this isn't the best, it just came out. Please leave constructive criticism!! Thanks again for reading! –Damaged--