and all she could do was smile

every word he spoke
made it a little harder.
but what did she care?
she cared a lot.

(but not enough)

and every time they
met eyes, she couldn't
help but shudder at
his lovesick glare.

(it's all he would tell her)

she knew enough
to know she was naŃ— ve.
and yet she could do nothing.

don't get her wrong;
she tried and tried,
believing there is no
such thing as a lost cause.

(but she wasn't enough)

she knew that he hurt,
but how much was
beyond imaginable for her.

inside her head;
inside her heart;
things get lost,
ends don't meet.

(it's too much)

and she tried and tried,
hardly knowing what
she should do.
so she just smiled.
and met his lovesick glare.

(it's not enough)

she just smiled,
and pretended
not to be sick at the thought.
but all she could do was smile.

(and that just wasn't enough)