Something I had to make in Language Arts class. Excuser the thing about the redwood trees. But it's pretty random due to the fact that I myself am random and because I'm not good with rhyme schemes. Anyways, I found that I really liked this so I decided to put it here. Oh and the comment on Matt, don't ask who he is cuz I don't even know, it was the only thing that rhymed and would actually make sense... And it might seem weird but fictionpress won't get the format right so bear with me...
I wish I was a pretty butterfly,

Then I could fly so high into the sky,

To fly so high and to see the blue sky,

To see the sky then stop for some pie!

I wish I were a tall, wide, redwood tree,

I could stand there and watch a black bee,

Or maybe I could watch the boats at sea,

But then I might become one of those boats…

I wish I were a fuzzy black kitty,

Then people would say that I am pretty,

And then nobody would look with pity,

Why, because I'm just too very witty!

To be what I want to be, I'd love that,

And that's what I got to say to you, Matt.