Nisha, Goddess of the Night

Nisha was the younger twin sister of Ziarre, goddess of the day. She allows the sun to travel through the sky all day long. Unfortunately, Nisha hadn't been assigned to a certain thing yet.

One day some mortals came to Ziarre's temple to complain. They said they couldn't get any sleep since the sun was always up. Ziarre wanted to be well known so she refused to give the people what they want.

When those mortals returned to their village, the townspeople were outraged. A few of the town men planned to kidnap Ziarre and not let her go until the sun went down. Nisha heard this whileshopping in the market. She rushed to Zeus and begged him to get Ziarre to bring the sun down. Zeus could not let this happen. He said, "If the sun goes down, no one will be able to see anything."

"Then let the sun only be down for part of the day. Created something to shine the world only a little at night. The people would still be able to see, but not as well." Nisha argued with her father until news came that Ziarre had been kidnapped.

Nisha raced into action. She flew up to outer space and gathered space rocks and space dust and created a giant rock. Nisha christened it the Moon. Nisha was able to get Helios to bring the sun down. She then got her younger sister Selene to bring the Moon up into the sky. The sky was dark except for the beautiful white glowing moon.

As soon as the Moon was up, every mortal fell asleep. Ziarre was able to escape. Zeus was so proud of Nisha; he made her the Goddess of the Night, and Selene, her helper and goddess of the Moon. From then on, Ziarre ordered Helios to bring the sun down for 12 hours everyday while Nisha told Selene to bring the moon up. Nisha had finally gotten assigned to something.