It's midnight

Can't sleep

I've been staring at the ceiling

For about an hour or so

I know I'm tired

But I can't sleep

I try to close my eyes

But I can't dream

What's wrong with me?

A few more seconds, minutes, hours roll by

I put on my glasses and turn on the TV

To check the time

It's 1:00

Oh joy

I'm staring at the ceiling

For what seems like an eternity

I'm trapped in a nightmare

That I can't escape

Because I'm already awake

What's wrong with me?

I gaze around my room

It's still dark

When will morning come?

I want the sun to shine

I want my tears to dry

I want this night to end

Why is this happening to me?

Why won't God let me sleep?

I don't want to be labeled

Don't call me that

Please don't call me

An insomniac

But I am