He stepped out onto the wet grass then turned back to the seat behind the steering wheel. He laid down the stack of papers and reached for the rubber white gloves.

Garrett put them on effortless-knowing his job and how to do it. He leaned over the leather seats to grab a shovel and black trash bag. Closing the door, he looked at the graveyard.

"Where are you?" He mumbled grabbing the small flashlight out of his pocket and shining it on the headstones. "Davis… Johnson…"

Garrett groaned, knowing he'd have to walk all over the cemetery before he would finally find the grave that held the body of Anglia-Kristy's late sister.

He looked back at the car, thinking about the people that would know where the grave is with closed eyes-Dexter and Kyle. He crossed his arms thinking about his younger cousin.

Dexter was the one who introduced him to Kristy and like most people who crossed paths with her… Garrett was fantasized by her seductive mind and eager to help her with whatever she asked for. Well-if he was paid that is.

Soon after he learned that the mind of his lover wasn't seductive but twisted-he wanted out of the relationship. Only to be laughed at by Kristy who claimed the child was she carrying belonged to him-not Dexter.

"No… Dex would kill me if he knew…" He mumbled looking at the ground, thinking about his kid-Holli. She would be five in a few months; celebrating her birthday with a different family-if she was even alive. He only saw her once before Kristy 'accidentally misplaced' the newborn.

Garrett shook his head sighing. "Kyle won't tell…" He rubbed his hands together. "He can't get into trouble showing me where the grave is-unless he starts to ask questions."

He debated on whether to pick the teenage up, if Dexter was at the hospital-he'd be safe. But he didn't want to take the chance of Dexter being off work.

He looked at the cell phone sitting on the leather seat. Garrett picked it up dialing the number to the teenager. He put the phone next to his ear, listening to it ring. He had looked through Kyle's room the day before searching for any means of communication for quick getaways if and when he needed it.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end of the phone was washed out by loud music and yelling.

"Kyle?" Garrett pushed the phone up against his ear-trying to hear the quiet voice.

"Uh yeah who're you?"

"It's Garrett dumb ass." He waited for a reply, but instead he heard a click. "That little mother fucking bitch…" He mumbled, redialing the number.

The phone rang once before Kyle answered it, this time Garrett being the first to speak. "Okay you brat if you hang up on me aga…"

"You don't have to shout. God." The phone was silent expect for the male's voice. "I hung up on you so I could go outside to talk. Bitch, I would've called you back."

"Bull shit." Garrett voice was loud. "Where are you?"


"I said where are you?"

Kyle groaned. "I'm at Tim's house with a couple friends. Why?"

"A couple my ass." Garrett lifted his eyebrow. "Sounds like a party."

"Fine I'm at the movies. I'm gonna watch something with…" He paused then added mockingly, "My girlfriend."

"I don't need a life story. Where's the grave?"

"What grave?"

"Quit being stupid, you know what I'm talking about." He lowered his voice. "Kris…"

"Oh… You're gonna dig whoever up then?" He sounded interested.

Garrett listened to Kyle suspiciously. "Why are you being so nice?"

The line was quiet except for breathing, sending chills up Garrett's already nervous body.

"You told somebody didn't you!" Garrett shouted. "Get this straight you fucking bastard. I'm not going to jail without dragging your sorry ass with me!"

"I didn't tell anybody! She found out for her-." Kyle closed his mouth, knowing he said too much.

"She? Her?" Garrett sneered. "Let me guess, you're girlfriend."

"Don't freak… She promised to not tell anybody." Kyle was breathing hard.

"How did she find out?" He asked slowly.

"Well…" Kyle weighed his options-as long as Diana's name wasn't told she'd be safe. "She got onto my computer. She wanted to dig up some dirt on me so she went through my old instant messages."

"So she figured out your password too?" Garrett wanted to straggle the teenager.

"You went onto my compu-."

"Shut-up and listen." Garrett said harshly. "She says one word to anybody about anything and she'll be out of the picture along with you, got it?"

"Yes sir." Kyle's voice was quiet.

"I've already told you too much of what's going on. So I suggest you stop instant messaging your friends before this gets out of hand. Understand?"

"Yeah…" His voice was barely audible.

"One more thing… What does she want from you?"

"What?" Kyle sounded confused.

"She was looking for dirt. What does she want you to do?" Garrett scorned. "And you better tell me the truth."

The line was silent for a few seconds before Kyle sighed. "She wants out of the country."


"She's wants me to go with her."

Garrett grabbed a cigarette from his pocket. "Damn you Kyle. If you split on me, I will find you and beat the shit out of you, got it?"

"What do you want me to do? Let her tell everybody that I'm crazy? I'm not too fond of the idea of my dad sending me to some asylum for nothing." The voice was mocking Garrett.

He lit his cigarette then put it in his mouth. He thought about the situation before blowing smoke into the air. "Go along with her."

"What? You just said no-."

"Wait a minute, brat. I wasn't finished." He held the cigarette in his free hand. "Go along with her. Get two tickets for her and one of her friends to Belgium or something. Go to the airport then pretend you're getting onto the airplane, but don't."

"She doesn't have any guy friends." Kyle sneered.

"Who said you had to be a guy?" Garrett smiled putting the cigarette in his mouth. "Buy a long dress and a denim jacket that cuts off just below the chest with the long sleeves. Put on some make-up and do your hair. You might not be a pretty girl, but at least into the latest fashion."

"Don't you think she'll notice something's up?"

"Dress her up too." Garrett replied in an unusual manner. "Oh don't forget to put on a bra and stuff it."

"You gotta be kidding." He said pouting.

"Would you rather be buried?" Garrett said, smoke coming from his mouth. "Now where is the grave?"

"Where are you?"

"Front gate."

"In or out?"


"That makes things easy." Kyle said. "I thought they locked the gates at night."

"Really?" Garrett said surprised. "Do you know why they're open?"

Kyle was quiet before saying a loud, "Uh oh…"

"What?" He said impatiently.

"Some lady that works at the morgue came over earlier today. She wanted the body."

"Did you say yes?" Garrett felt like collapsing on the ground.

"I said no, but she said she didn't need permission. Do you think…?"

Garrett ridiculed, "This is just great. I need that body and some lady is off snatching it from me."

"Maybe…" Kyle said slowly. "What time is it?"

Garrett looked in the vehicle at the clock. "Ten twenty-seven, why?"

"The morgue picks up bodies at eleven thirty. Not a clue why, they just do."

"How would you know?" Garrett said unsure of the teenager.

"My dad works at the hospital, he talks to the chief medical examiner all the time. They exchange useless information just for the hell of it all." He paused. "Something about them not waiting a crowd of people and cameras watching them, I guess."

"So I have about an hour to dig up a body and get the hell out of here?"

"Guess so." Kyle said carefree.

"Don't think I can do that." Garrett said looking at all the graves. "I don't even know where to start."

"Want me to help out? The cemetery isn't too far from where I'm at."

Garrett lifted an eyebrow. "Why are you being so helpful to me?"

"Why are you being so nice to me?" Kyle said mockingly. "I have my reasons, you have yours. Care to share?"

Garrett sneered. "I want this whole case to never be solved. Which means I have two bodies to dispose of before the police finds out what's up. Now why are you trying to be helpful?"

"I'm not being helpful because I want to. I wanna know what the hell's going on." His voice cracked because of static.

"So you rather risk getting a murder thrown at you just to know what the hell's going on?"

"A murder?"

"Yeah-Kristy's dead and the police might accuse you of having some part in it."

"That's not true…"

"Why not?" Garrett laughed. "She raped you, abused you, and humiliated you. Want me to go on?" He looked at the clock's black numbers. "End of story, you would have had a motive. I don't think you would wanna be stuck in my shoes, eh?"

The line was quiet expect for Kyle's breathing.

Garrett dropped the cigarette then stumped on it. "Get your ass down here then." He reached down for the smashed cigarette and threw it in his car. "Start running and I'll pick you go. Don't tell anybody where you're going and don't bring anything except for the clothes you're wearing, got it?"


"Nobody follows you." Garrett said firmly.


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