Can You Get Away?

Can I take you out sometime?

Play no games and tell no lies

I just wanna make you mine

Man don't treat you right, I can see the signs

Says he loves you, but you know he lies

So can you get away?

Hold you tight every night

Show you a good time, explore your life

Wanna walk down the isle, and make you my wife

So you still can't get away?

Ya man hits you and don't treat you right

Heard he beat you in the street, threw you out at night

Gave you a black eye, can't look in the light

Everyone says I should just leave

You're staying with him, that I can't believe

He never takes you out, I would show you the world

He cheats on you, but you would be my only girl

Left when times were hard, I was by your side

Left you in the dark, but I know you're down to ride

I have to keep faith in us and our lives

"No need to leave", thought your life was good

Runaway with me, the start of a new livelihood

You're not in his life, called him misunderstood

Even your friends told you your man is no good

You know the choice that you have to make

Lovely smile, but you never get to show it

You "think" you're in love with him, don't wanna blow it

Isn't good for you, but you already know it

I have to keep trying, just need you in my life

Just waiting for the answer, Can You Get Away?