Why Are You There?

Loved each other for so many years

When everyone left, he was always there

Always showed nothing but care

You felt safe, and had no fears

From the outside it looked great

On the inside, things would change

Quiet all day, watched what you said

So you prayed at night, wished he was dead

Hit you, but called him your man

Didn't realize that he didn't give a damn

Yet he only cared for two things

First, the status for being with you

Angels on earth, you proved it true

Then there was the good you gave

So he loved it when you came over

Friends and family talked behind your back

Let's say they didn't call you smart

And you stayed with him cause he had your heart

Now the pain he is causing hurts worse than a dart

How did you stay so damn long?

I know you've seen that Jerry show before

The one with the dictator husband and submissive wife

The crowd screaming at the woman to leave him

But she says she loves him too much

I know you screamed at her also

You even seen a man hitting his girl in the street

There were tears running and blood was flying

Told her he was sorry and asked shy she was crying

He even turned her around to give her a kiss

Told your girls what you would have done, but don't live by it

So many want you, but yet you stay with this

Think of all the things that you have missed

Fighters that would love to be with you

And lovers fighting for that one chance

Who's hand will you hold at the king and queen dance?