So Many Tears

Another brother just died, God bless his soul

Another statistic just proven, said we can't grow old

And I'm not going to prove that it's all we know

"Yet another example?", but my response was no

Death before life, so I'm waiting for mine

We dying in the street, but no one care

Better social status, it's their only fear

Head up in the street, so my pride I wear

So many tears in my eyes, but I don't dare

Answer to my questions, handed in my prayers

Us killing one another, it's their only dream

Probably giving us the guns, cause that's how it seems

Homies all dying, could be any of us

White man shot, so the means were just

No news coverage because there was no fuss

Shed a tear for those that ride with me

My thug life isn't free, so I know they down

Even the churches address our problem in the street

"Oh death, where is thy sting?

"O grave, where is thy victory?"