I See No Changes

Still in the same hood

No cash in my pocket to keep

Nothing ever changes but me

Just an on-going cycle

And the links just never breaks

Go home and it never ends

Same pot heads on my block everyday

And gun shots open my eyes at night

Would do something, but guns and fists can't fight

The shit just never ends over here

Same slutty girls asking for dick

And don't forget about Murder Mt. Vernon

So many having sex, but no condoms used

"On the right, are those plagued with diseases"

And it's not only Mt. Vernon that has it either

Same niggaz walking the school halls

Can't wait to go to school, but not to class

"Security is coming", sounds of them making the dash

Then go home and blame society for their problems

None are gonna make it in today's world

Throughout all my years of experience

With the drugs one the corners of every street

The little elementary school kids with guns

And the adults not giving a damn about anyone

I Still See No Change