The Crush

She doesn't know who I am

Probably don't even know I exist

Want her body, but settle for a kiss

Seen her so many times, but never said a word

Would say "I love you", but she wouldn't of heard

Just too many buts for us to be together

And its not lust, its love

One chance needed to free the doves

The only chance needed to make her mine

Nothing needed but to win and dine

But I'm too scared to talk to her

Can't say a word when she comes around

But she's in my head all day and night

For her love, lions and tigers I would fight

Change my world, including my life

The call it a crush

Said I only wanted her body

But its love and no could stop me

Just care too much to let them win

Want to be with her tomorrow, so today I begin

She had a beauty I have never seen

Have features you would only find in a dream

Want her too much, I have to succeed

Many mistakes made, but my life I'll redeem

A new heart, so my life she will feed