A Look Back

Almost of age, don't know how I made it this far

Always had problems, my whole life was a war

Look back sometimes, only to see the start

Never a false truth, only true remarks

Pride held my family together, I pulled them apart

Started as a delinquent, just rob and steal

Teachings from bad people, how to be real

No big TV moments or joyous events

Hanging out doing dumb shit, my time was spent

Went too far, Jamaica, where I was to be sent

When people looked back on themselves

They say the word stupid, and here I am

I was a stupid little kid

No ands, ors, or buts about it

That people agreed, but book smarts no one doubted

No money in my pocket, so I stole from family

Cried about lost money, well damn it's me

Then go to school, and got the highest grades

Priest put his hand on you, and bang you're saved

I didn't do it then, but I do it today

Rewind to the stupid things and the dumbest of friends

Bad friends also partly created it, so waiting for the end