Black Coffee

"Black coffee, no sugar, no cream"

"That's the type of girl I need down with my team"

Heavy D. didn't lie when he said this

Even Tupac had you thinking about a new world

"The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice"

Everyone knows where the goods are

But the media never ever shows this

Act as if they don't even exist

And there is nothing like a strong black woman

Call her crazy, call her a bitch, cause determined is what she is

And yes, light skin and dark skin women think differently

They go for different men and even goals

There are exceptions, but don't say no

Both were treated differently, even if they were twins

And that dark skin woman hard a lot more hardships

That sexy dark brown chocolate skin

Not appreciated in the world she lives

Treated like dirt, but a woman she is

Then beg for forgiveness for all her sins

And you can't even imagine she has been

I need that black coffee on my team

Paid her dues, so she knows what it takes

Go home to her at night for the joy she makes

Only face I wanna see when I awake

Get her when she comes, and I wont be late