Going Hard At It

I truly need this

And I have to get it

No other way for it

Looking so damn good to me

And "No", I can't stand to the side

My anger inspires me

My life has taught me

And my niggaz pushed me

So for everything to fall in place,

I'm gonna go hard at it

No money, so my pockets won't slow me down

Focused mind, because I act as if girls aren't around

Hungry all day, do gonna do something to eat

Reach for the sky, but on the ground is my feet

But I'm willing to pay my dues

Wanna succeed but thug shit hold me back

Almost strayed to selling cause their money was stacked

They callin out to me, "You got that shit"

Love thug life, but wish it would end

I could make it, only to stay alive and away from cops