Death Around The Corner

It's hard not being paranoid in my world

Especially when death is stalking you

It wants me and I know it for a fact

And death is around the corner

But to know when it's going to act….

Heard the guys down the block wanna meet me

Said its business, just want to make money with me

But last night, I dreamed of a coroner van

Don't know why, but it followed me all day

A pastor tried to save me, tried to give me a new way

I See Death Around The Corner

Just watching and following me

Sex feet under is where it wants me to be

Just walking along and heard the whispers

Who knew it would wait so long

I even seen it sneaking up on me

Homies asked me to go to the club with them

Said everyone was going and it's almost free

Would even be a great experience for me

But death's tricks are all I could see

I See Death Around The Corner