The Judgment

Don't care what people say or think

And I'm not going to stop what I do

Cause I know only God can judge me

Judge not the past wrongs, but the entire life's work

And only God has seen all of mine

No one has walked in my shoes but me

Nor has anyone seen exactly what I have seen

Been through exactly what I have been through

So what say shall you have on my life?

That means, Only God Can Judge Me

No man knows everything about me

Every aspect, characteristics, and history

Doesn't know the sins I have committed

Or even the good deeds I have done

But mankind still attempts to judge me

For all that I have lived for and been though

For the good deeds and wrongs done

For this, that, and even the third

Judgment belongs to no man, including me

And it's good to know, Only God Can Judge Me