The Tears of An Angel by writerforever

I watch as people go about their daily lives

My spirit is broken and confused

Confused by all of the pain and suffering in the world

I cannot understand how there can be so much evil

For I have only known peace and joy

In my heavenly home

I watch as people are murdered on the streets

I watch as children lay dying in the streets, starving

I watch as women are raped

I watch as men wage wars against one another

I watch as innocent babies are aborted by the millions

So much death!

So much pain!

Evil thrives in this place called earth

I watch as people turn their backs on Jesus Christ, my Master

I watch as they deny His beautiful existence

This is almost more than my spirit can bear

How can they hate the One who loves them more than the world put together?

The cries of the innocent ring within my head

I hear them crying for freedom

Freedom from the grasp of Satan and his demons

And finally I am unable to bear it any longer

I cry and bow my head

I do not cry tears of water

But I cry in the spirit, as angels do

And it consumes me

I cry for humanity

I cry for those who do not know my Lord

I cry the tears of an angel