Excuse me if this makes you barf,
The muse informed me it was time
To write a poem to make us laugh.
I'll make it worse still; it will rhyme

A B A B C D C D.
And also,what could be better
Than writing in - what just might be -
Perfect iambic tetrameter?

Actually, it's not that perfect.
It makes no sense! And what is worse
Any real meaning will be wrecked.
Sod it! I'll return to free verse!

Just one more verse before I quit;
The subject of said poetry
Is to be 'HAPPY'. Will I submit?
To please the muse - I'll have to try!

And I was never meant to be
A rhyming poet that's for sure
But it comes easier to me
Now I've written a verse or four!

A/N: Haha!

PS. This is not to be taken seriously. No need to review!