"Forever remember these words, Deti," the man I had loved for the most time in my entire life had said quietly as the halls emptied.

He smiled a genuine smile that soon proved fake as he recognized and as I realized the halls were entirely empty.

"I'm going to be late to class, Lars," I smiled at him, lovestruck and fashioned as any polite young girl would be.

He smiled and said, "This will only take a moment."

"So, what should I remember, Lars?" I asked curiously, my heart nearly melting like a pan of butter in an oven.

"Deti..." he breathed the name, "I..."

I looked at him curiously.

"Deti, I hate you."

My lips quivered in the silence that was echoed with his cruel smile.

I couldn't ask why, because he pointed it out with his following words which broke the silence, and his smile. A string of curses that had no signs of vulgar words within them were laid out into the sound of the halls.

"So, that's why," I looked at him miserably. He nodded, and left me at my locker to contemplate all my faults and wrongdoings around him. Inwardly, I could simply wonder what I could have possibly done to receive such cruel words.

I looked at him as he walked off, as if leisurely taking a stroll through the fields of the Gdly, and it's only when he was completely out of sight that I broke into tears, kneeling on the floor.

I traced upon the floor his name, and drew a childish heart around it with my finger.

Time seemed to pass by, as I drew with my finger random scribblings of "I love you!" "How could you?" and simply, "I loved you!"

I fell into a trance, or did I pass out? I don't quite remember. A bell awoke me, and I was exiting the class that I had exited beforehand.

Mary signalled me over with a cute smile. "Deti, Lars wants to talk to you!"

I looked at her smiling back, though when she mentioned the name Lars, I simply shrugged in disgust.

That time, Lars looked upon me with a "genuine" smile, which I recognized easily for its falsehoods.

"Deti, can I tell you something?"

"No..." I smiled calmly, and spat out, "After all, I think I could understand what you'd want to tell me anyways. I am a slattern, after all, Lars?"

"When did I..." he looked fakely in bewilderment.

"Lars, let's just...not talk to each other. You're such a bore..."

He got angry, but nodded, and turned away and walked into the halls.

As I saw him walk a walk of the unGdly, I smiled, and then heard an odd question from him as he thought aloud, looking towards me for a moment, "What's a slattern?"