He stands up on the podium
Begging to be rid of this pain
They dehumanize him, others symbolize him
He stood on the platform in front of his country
He began his last waltz

He cries and he cries
Over the blood has has spilled and spilled
All of the children he has left as orphans
All of the parents he has left childless
It's a hard, hard decision to make

The ghosts of his mistakes haunt him 'til day breaks
The nightmares to which he yields bring only pain
He dances around questions involving the war
He shall never answer to the daughter of a bomb
"Purge my children from a desolate land"
"I will, my dear sir, I will when I can"

He cries and he cries
Over the blood he has spilled and spilled
All of the dreams he killed and killed
All of the dead will rise tonight
To haunt the "king" in his sleep

"Who gave me the right
To send these young people
To die to die?
It's all left to god
To make this all wrong or right
Am I fighting evil
Or have I become it myself"

He will go down in history
In-the-name-of-god perjury
But who is to say what could have been done?
But who is omniscient to tell us where he has gone wrong?
Death in the name of justice
Genocide in the name of life
Murder in the name of love for country
Peaceful existence was not meant for us

He laughs and he laughs
At all the dead bodies
His mind has snapped
Under the pressure of it
He waltz and he waltz until the day breaks
The pain has gone away
But all of the memories remain