Foundations out of nothing
Voidless recognizing sorrow
Speedless as my fury
Catching in the morrow

For what crumbles
Was as before
What fades from dew
Fades from the shore

Timeless recognizing glory
Into that sullen air
Whispering voices of nothing
The lonely gone the fair

Whistling into the battle
Sailing valiantly above
A hawk screeches of the power
The lost power of the dove

Sky red of angered glory
Pulsing the beat of the heart
Walking among mist so lonely
The pounding begins from the start

Yearning for voices unheard
Listening for a quenching sound
Mouths make voices without meaning
The tired take music to the ground

No sound is heard in the clearing
A voiceless call in the mind
Far away calls your journey
Long way traveled loses bind

Uphold the glorious meaning
The joy it brings to your heart
What love could bring at the beginning
The happiness which begins at the start