Wolf Destiny

The forest was quiet. The leaves rustled in a dance with the wind. The sound of howls lifted the air. "Do you hear that Miko?" a girls voice said. "Oh course, my dear," said a man's voice said. The man was an old man. He was standing on the side of the house while the girl sat down on the roofs top. She listened carefully to the sounds of the wolves. "Naomi you should head down and come to bed, plus the little needs it's rest," the elderly man said. "Yes Miko, I'll be down in a minute," Naomi said looking down. The elderly man nodded holding on to his cane and walking into the small house. Naomi stood up slowly and quietly so she wouldn't wake up the bundle in her arms. She looked down at the small ball of fur, a small snout poking out of the blankets. Naomi walked to the edge and sat slowly lowering herself to the balcony. She walked in her room and set the fur ball down. "Sleep well wolf pup," she whispered setting the pup on one of her pillows. She walked over to her desk she was about to flip the switch to turn the lights out when a picture caught her eyes. It was when she was younger. Eight years age when she was eight years old. She was sixteen now. She smiled at the picture that was of her in some flowery meadow. Miko had taken her in ten years ago. Miko was known as a Shaman, a person who connects with the spirits with ancient powers. Naomi was sent to live with Miko after Naomi's parents were killed. She is old enough now to learn some of the Shaman power, but only few are chosen. He only told her basics. She never used any of them, but Miko knew it was her chose to be a Shaman or not. Naomi smiled at the many memories with Miko. She had a chose to return to the city or stay so far she didn't want to leave. Naomi turned off the lights and walked to her window. The moon's light shined through her window. She felt to close and connected to the forest to leave. It was here only home.

Akira watched the small cottage. Her eyes looked in the window where a young girl looked at the moon. Akira knew all about this girl. She remembered the day she arrived. Akira was every curious of this human who was so connected with the forest around her. Sound of strong paws behind her and bushes rustling. "Ryu, Nix, you have returned with a successfully hunt?" Akira asked. 'Yes it was very successfully we have been waiting for your return Akira, goddess of the wolves' Akira was the wolf goddess she understood the wolves even if they never moved there mouths. "What is it about this girl that the forest urns for? The forest has been more attracted to this Naomi rather then me, why is she so special?" Akira asked curious. 'We have not found that out yet, but she does have the connection with the forest' "Hmmm, never thought bring her here would be so different, could she be my replacement? What do you think Nix?" the goddess asked the black wolf. It's possible, but no one is sure The black wolf said. That girl could never replace you Akira the white wolf Ryu said. "Hmmm" the goddess thought. "Let's return," she said. The two wolves followed the goddess without question as they disappeared in the forests shadows.