Chapter 2

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Ryu and Nix followed Naomi to her home, they wondered why she even came near the pack and just ran the moment she came. They both were confused.

Do you know if Akira has returned yet? Nix asked Ryu when Naomi disappeared in her house.

No, not since she went to get the Shaman that lived here Ryu answered in return.

So what should we do then? Nix asked.

Head back, we know that the girl didn't want anything from our pack so there is nothing we can do Ryu said looking at the black wolf.

Both of the wolves started walking back slowly, Nix was sniffing the air over and over.

Would you stop that your sniffing is annoying Ryu said starring straight ahead

I'm looking for Akira's scent Nix said continuing. Got it want to see where she is? Nix asked.

That's a stupid question Ryu said sniffing the scent and running in the direction.

The two ran for sometime following carefully it wasn't long before the scent disappeared.

It's gone Ryu said.

No duh! Nix said.

No, it's like she disappeared completely that's never happened before even if she were in the air the breeze would have brang it down. Ryu said confused.

It's strange, but what are we to do? Wait here for her if something bad happened you know we have to protect the pack. Nix said.

Ryu looked at Nix with a worried expression. Fine let's head back. Ryu said he thought it wasn't a good idea to abandon the thought that maybe there was a reason they disappeared, like maybe the shaman used his magic.

Hey what if the Shaman used magic to send them somewhere Ryu asked.

Well if he did they would be where the pack is and I'm not so sure about that theory I didn't pick up any scent of magic. Nix explained.

Well sorry Mr. Nose-it-all Ryu said quietly.

I heard that smart ass Nix said. Nix picked up speed.

Hey! Ryu said he noticed something different Nix was more tense then a second ago. Wait, what's the rush?

There is a strong scent near our pack my instincts are telling me that the pack is in trouble Nix said with new energy that quickened his pace. Sure enough Nix was right.

A hooded figure was flaming the place from its hand. Nix jumped behind the figure and his teeth sunk into his shoulder. Nix released the figure and howled in pain the guys blood burned like fire.

Ryu went head on and clawed at the figure, but the figure just blasted fire at the wolfs face. Ryu yelped in pain the fire was traveling through his body. The heat was too much and collapsed on the ground.

Nix watched as Ryu fell. Nix ran over, Ryu was in little pain, but was still alive. Nix snarled as his ears went down and tail straight up as he bared his teeth. The figure came his way about to attack. Blue lights surrounded Nix; he wasn't paying much attention as he jumped on the figure.

The figure squealed in pain as it struggled in pain. It bursted into flames and Nix leaped off burned. The figure disappeared into the sky. Nix noticed the blood didn't burn. It tasted like water. Nix noticed the blue lights as they lifted off onto a branch.

Nix saw the owl sitting there, a barn owl. It turned its head sideways. "Who," the owl said. Nix was hit with exhaustion; he was so tired he collapsed on the ground. He looked at the owl. The owl flew off. All went black.

Ryu was running through the forest. It was so dark that his wolf eyes could not see in this dark. There were no trees he could sense that they disappeared. "Ryu," a voice called. He ran to the voice.

"Ryu," the voice was above him.

Who's there? Ryu asked. It was pitch black.

"Listen Ryu there isn't much time," The voice called.

Akira is that you? he asked.

"Yes Ryu, listen the Shaman has allowed me to call you through his magic, but he can't do this for long so listen carefully,"

What is it Akira? He asked.

"Ryu, the Shaman and I have been kidnapped by a hooded figure, we still have no clue why, but we are in a different dimension, you and Nix need to find that girl I have been watching, she knows the way, she may not at first, but it will all come to her soon. Please tell Nix and I have one last thing," the goddess said.

What is it?

"Ryu, you and Nix will be given human bodies to blend in, you can change back when necessary," Akira said.

When will we change?

"You will change tonight when the full moon hits the top of the trees, please do not scare the girl and please I beg you protect her she is my, our only hope, she has a destiny larger then ours together, there are large plans for her. It is up to you and Nix to make sure it happens," Akira said.

What destiny?

"I'm sorry there no time left, remember this Ryu,"

Wait Akira come back, don't go yet. Ryu panicked, but her voice was gone.

Akira! Ryu yelled. He felt something hit him hard on the head.

Calm down and focus you were burned near your eyes you need to get you vision back Nix's voice said.

Slowly Ryu's vision came back. He saw Nix in front of him laying down a fireplace behind him. Where are we?

We are at the Shaman's house, turns out that Naomi girl brang us here, you've been out for a couple days now Nix explained.

Oh Nix I have something to tell you Ryu said

"Your up," a voice spoke. It was soft and light, Ryu looked up to the girl.

That's Naomi Nix explained. She has been taking care of both you and me for a couple days.

Ryu looked at the girl closely, she looked a lot like the goddess, but there was something else that separated them.

"Don't move, I want to check your eye," she said softly. She sat on her knees and gently rubbed her fingers around him eyes. He whined at bit at the worst spots. "You still a bit tender, I'm going to put this gel on you," she said pulling a small bottle out of her bag. "It might sting a bit," she said putting a bit of gel on her fingertip and put it on the tender spot above both eyes.

Ryu yelped a bit, but the sting disappeared after a second.

"Here I have some raw meat and water if you want anything," she said pointing to the corner where food was out. Naomi patted the wolves' head and walked out of the room.

Ryu looked confused.

Don't worry, Naomi and I both go hunting for the deer, she is really good with a bow and arrow; anyways what is it that you wanted to talk about?

Oh that sorry, it was weird it was a dream, but the Shaman sent it to me Ryu said snapping out of his daydream.

Ryu explained the whole dream to Nix.

Tonight we can leave, Naomi allows me out at night before the sun comes down. She loves to be out at that time you will come with me, you need to eat and gain your energy back for tonight. It's going to be long.

Ryu nodded his head and followed Nixes directions and feels asleep. Nix woke up Ryu when the moon rose up. Come on Ryu time to go.

Naomi was sitting on the front pouch she had the front door open for the two. "Take care of him, no more injuries." She told the black wolf.

Nix nodded and ran off with Ryu at his side.

They got to their old den. Ashes everywhere, blood and dead wolf bodies.

We are the only ones that survived, the owl lead Naomi here where I woke up I carried your body to her home, she promised to heal your wounds and I made sure she didn't do anything. Nix told him.

What will we do? Ryu asked looking around.

First of all you're going to stop asking stupid questions, next we are going to find Akira and find out who is doing this and then we will take revenge on our packs slaughter. Nix said calmly.

It's time Ryu said looking at the full moon, it was close to the Earth this night the moon shined brightly.

Ryu and Nix were enveloped in a bright light. There bodies changed. They became humans.

Naomi was on her porch relaxing the moon was rising and looked closer to the Earth then normal. A screech was heard beside her. She looked at the railing to the Barn owl. "Who are you?" she asked the owl.

"Who are you? What are you? Why does the forest call to you? These are the answers you need to seek." The owl said and flew away.

Naomi sat there in shock. She shook her head. 'Get a grip you are losing it' she told herself. She sat there for what seemed like hours. There was a rustle in the bushes not to far from her. She looked closely squinting her eyes. Two figures were heading her way.

First she thought it was only the two wolves, but then she noticed it was two humans.

"Hello, Naomi" a males voice called.

Naomi stood up backed up close to the door.

"Don't be afraid we won't hurt you just stay calm," the other said.

Naomi froze she didn't know who they were or what they wanted.