I prayed to God for an angel.

For that, he sent me you.

To love me, protect me, save me.

I asked God to send me a guide.

Since I was polite, he gave you to me.

To take my hand, lead me out of these dark shadows of despair and hate.

Back into the light of love, and life.

I told God, I wanted out. I wanted it all to come to an end.

I begged him to give me back my reason to exist.

My plea brought me to you.

You alone, give back my wanting for life

Time and again, my wish to God was to love. To be loved.

I would have waited a lifetime to have it.

For my patience, it was your promise that I found.

A promise of trust, passion, and of undying love that forever holds me to you.

I prayed to God to help stop the tears.

"Lord, I beg of you. I don't want to weep anymore."

Hearing my cries, he took pity upon me.

For that, my hand is not the one wiping the tears from my face,

my fears have dissolved away, becoming a thing of the past.

I look to theses dreams for guidance and love,

He is strong for me in areas that I am not.

Now God, I ask, I plead, I hope and pray.

Let me have the moment when he's here beside me.

The moment when I'm in his arms

When my love and I are face to face, I wish for this day.

Please god, I beg, I pray.