A/N: Bond killed himself December 19, 2004. I don't know why, I do know how, and I wish with all my heart that I could bring him back. He was not my boyfriend but simply a good friend who helped me through a lot of my problems and showed me that there is some good in the world. If there is anything in Bond's legacy that we should remember, it is summed up in what he told me one day when I was very depressed: "There will always be something worth living for."

How does time slip by so fast?

It's been so long

That days are no longer struggles

To understand,

And I can go long hours

Without thinking of you.

But it's only been

Six months,


So long since you made

That final choice,

So recent

That those who loved you

Still feel the


Of pain at your loss.

We smile

When we think of you now,


When we see the things

That remain

From your legacy.

Who other then you

Would actually write


On the ceiling

Just to confuse

Us freshmen?

Who other then you

Would spray

All your action figures


Simply because

You were too lazy to paint them?

Only you, Bond.

Only you would leave us

All these wonderful memories

That are only shadowed

By the horror

Of your death.

We have all these good times

To remember you by,

But we wanted more.

And who, other then you,

Could give them to us?