Go Home

You thought you had it all,

Everything in the world was wonderful,

But now you fall,

And that wonderful world is now black.

You have been bruised and cut,

Your scared as you hide in the corner,

All the doors are shut,

And you wish for that sheltered life once more.

Your blame yourself that you fell,

As you start drowning in a puddle of hate,

Your to chocked up to yell,

Help is not on it's way because no one knows you have run away.

Your left a note to your mom and dad,

Saying farewell and that you love them,

Now you sit in that corner all sad,

Wishing you were with them not in the dark.

It's all your fault that your there,

You thought you were better then anyone else,

You're a runaway and nobody is around to care,

You need to go home.