Two and a Half Years
18-19 June 2005
12:17 A.M.

Two and a half years today, my love.
I never would have foreseen
That we would reach this day
When I asked you to be mine.
We've come so far.
You've taught me so much
About what it means to be in love,
And to be loved by someone else.
And for as long as I live,
I'll love you for that.
And now, you're leaving
And you'll be gone for a year
It's the longest we've ever been apart
And I hate that you're going
And I hope we'll be okay.
You'll always be in my thoughts
And in my heart, forever.
When I can't have you by my side,
I'll remember the nights
That we just cuddled and watched TV.
When I can't kiss you,
I'll remember the tender kisses
That we shared on quiet nights at home.
And when I can't hear your voice,
I'll remember all the times
That you said "I love you."
We've come so far,
And you've taught me so much.
I love you so much.