Hiya! This is not a short story and it wasn't written as a poem. I made it into one though… this is just one of those things that happened and I wrote about it. Things happen in life and the only way I know how to deal with them is to write. Writing is my savior and my tormentor at the same time. I'm addicted to it. These are just… feelings…I don't really know how to explain. I don't expect anything to come from these. They are not really something you can like or dislike. Really its only something that you can relate to, or you can't. figure it out for yourself…

So many people say you are real God.

I use to be one of them.

Then everything went wrong.

I lost everything.

Including my will to live.

If you are real god, when why do you let so many suffer?

Why do you let people hurt others?

I just don't understand.

Some say it is your 'master plan.'

I don't believe it.

If you are real god, and you let this happen, then you are just as bad as them.

If your real god, do you like to see people hurt?

Do you get some sick pleasure out of watching others fall?

if not god, then why do you let it happen?

You are suppose to be high and all knowing, but do you know what its like to get hit?

Do you know what its like to listen to your mom beg your dad not to hit her?

To yell at your own dad that if he lays another hand on you, that you'll call the cops?

And him to push you anyways?

Have you ever protected someone else from getting hit, by having them hit you instead?

I don't think so.

If your real god, then you are no savior.

You are not someone to be looked up too.

You are just like them.

Just like them…

Just another writing.