I Know---

What is real
In a world where everything is fake
Everything is artificial
And blinded by this pretend light
No one knows, they can't know
They're lives will crumble down
So they go on living
Where the truth will never be found

But I know
I know the way this world works
The way it twists your heart
Into a life of cold hurt

And I know
I know the lies this world hides
The lies that people can't know
Things that will destroy lives

What can you find
In a world of lies
This world of pain
As cold as the night

It's all lies
There's no truth to everything you find
Everything is fake
Nothing has brought this world to shame
More than the people do
They ruin it themselves
And everyone with them
Innocent suffer for their lies

But I know
I know what burns deep inside
Deep inside this diguise
I see what all this earth hides

And I know
I know reality's fake
And I don't want to be in it
Because it's all a mistake


And I know everything has no meaning
I know every one of these lies
So what can I find
What can I find
What can I find that's not hidden in the night

(Chorus 2x)