Hold still while standing on top of the high beam
Wait casually until my eyes subside
Uncloud pupils and dry their discharge
Make sure I have a clear view of the ground
I'll be apart of it once I'm stable

While I'm holding back, my weight suspended on my toes
I'll make you a sign
"Goodbye, Sunshine."

I can see from up here, your eyes
Their blue stand out against the black and white of my world
I can tell they're not focused
On my sign nor my high beam

My opened mouth speak these letters
And you still remain unfocused
Blue is fading out into gray
I'm finally, finally loosing touch
I know it, I understand
But my feet won't obey my mind
They remain poised on the edge
Oh please. Please just say something
Beg me to talk to you
Chase me off my high beam
I don't want to go, not yet

I've tried for so long
My weight has gathered painfully, and a spark of dead hope
Lights the last straw

And soon I'm flying
Flying, through the clouds down to you
My heart is in my throat
I could reach you if I tried
My hands are at my sides
I can't
Not even now
I can't tell you

Everything is still
I melt into the ground
I've finally stopped my breath
You glance over, startled
You've never noticed before
My high beam
You walk away and again I fall
Except this time I know the end
It is an end without you

Without you, I whisper
Goodbye, Sunshine. I've held on for
So long, but I've grown tired
Of your neglect and still mouth.
Goodbye, Sunshine.
You no longer bring light to my world.