playground pill

come slide down the aspirin slide
fly HIGH on the panadol (mood)swings
go updown on the morphine seesaw
or giddy on the coke carousel

you play with matches, you fool with death,
you wear a shroud like a scarf and laugh
suicide is sexy, death is in,
the grim reaper has the coolest grin

but when your time is up to play;
girl, you gotta come back another day
go home and close those sweet eyelids
--& please; remember--
the playground pill is just for kids

-whateverwoman. 19/6/2005

a/n: upon revival, i realise i am not arriving with a bang. oh how i hate being a lousy poet, and a whiny one too, apparently. i had some nice cummings-inspired ones with strange format that good old fictionpress kindly screwed up without asking first. i wonder if anti-teenie angst statements are the in-things, cause i appear to be slapping myself in the face with this. okay so i don't make sense. I WANT KISMET, NOT WALLFLOWER GIRL.

on another note, pill playground would make more sense, but playground pill sounds so much better, non?