Riverdance's bare feet pounded upon the ground, and her near-ebony face glistened with sweat. What had begun as a usual ritual, an ordinary, every-day walk to the Goddess's Glade, had turned into a flight for her life. She glanced back, her narrow, almond-shaped, dark amethyst eyes wide with fright. The pack of Shamarian raiders had ambushed her after she had laid down her offering. She had easily outrun them thus far, but could not last much longer. A sudden hand shot out, and Riverdance was yanked up into a tree, leaves slapping against her face. She looked wildly about, until her dark eyes found themselves looking into another pair, those of jungle green. A foolish grin split the darkly tanned face of the other, as the young elf finally let go of her.

"Jishi!" Riverdance snapped, voice a hushed whisper, "You fool! Do you know what you have done?!" Her face glowered at him, lips set into a ghastly scowl.

"Oh, just saving you from those raiders." He replied coolly, leaning back against the tree trunk comfortably. She shook her head, and spat back, "You've condemned the whole village fool. Those raiders no doubt have more behind them-" She was cut off by the pounding feet of the raiders passing under the canopy of leaves that was hiding them. Jishi's face paled, as he realized what he had done. The feet continued to pound for what seemed an eternity, until the sound faded into the distance. Riverdance glared at him, before leaping soundlessly to the ground, and beginning what she now knew as a hopeless run to warn the village. Jishi, landing less than gracefully, pounded after her, calling out, "Wait! Riverdance! You don't understand! I saved-" He paused , then continued, "I thought I was saving you! Remember- Drows stick together?! What was I supposed to think, they were chasing you and-" Riverdance shot him a look over her shoulder, and yelled, "Jishi, just shut up! You've already done enough damage!" Jishi's ceaseless flow of desperate pleas stopped, and he flushed, shamed. He caught up to her eventually, still looking a bit afraid of her. Sunlight filtered down, revealing her skin to be a near-black purple, and his a shade of green unusually light for a Drow. Both of their ears curved up, hers higher than his, and more prominently pointed. She suddenly stopped, looking ahead in horror.

"Jishi," she said quietly. Jishi appeared beside her, clutching his priests' staff. Riverdance had drawn two curved blades, and was glancing about, cautiously. Before them, filling the sky, large thick columns of smoke rose. The trees ended, and the pair stopped, eyes wide. Before them, it was as if Eraya, goddess of destruction, had visited the village.