Based on the fight of Achelous and Heracles over Deianira, a Grecian princess. Heracles won, and Achelous was, obviously, defeated. Achelous was the son of Oceanus and Tethys, a minor river god.


Beautiful Deianira

If only thee

Could be mine.

Be mine to hold,

Be mine to love,

Be mine to keep.

But Heracles,

The one of my



Oh, Heracles,

Took you away.

I was cheated,

Yes, I must have been!

'Twas not a fair fight!

For a mortal,

A mere mortal,

Beat me, A god!

Minor god though I am,

But still,

A god!

An immortal!

So mighty!

Foul play!

Call I,

Foul play1

To steal away

The one I love!


How I mourn thee


If only thou

Could be mine!


If only thou

Could be mine...