The Widow's dear

Into the forest you venture

No map, no stars to guild you

You soon could be lost forever

All with a simple BOO

Why hunt what lurks in shadow?

Then run from darkness calling?

You came to see the widow

And now her heart is crawling

You have woken the haunted

You have crossed her line

One soul that's always been taunted

Now upon your soul she'll dine

There once was chance to run

You lost it entering the forest

When you entered her land of fun

She'll call you now, her Dearest

You soon will here her singing

No chance, no path to run down now

You should have turned back at the beginning

The sweat runs dripping from your brow

Her hair; it creeps around you

Her pull has drawn you near

She opens her arms for you to fall into

You now stand dead, her Dear…