Think Odyssey! By that Greek guy named Homer! This is Wuxia based on that epic. Have fun.

Background of the Chinese Odyssey:

In the childhood of Old China, when there were few stars in the sky to look upon for guidance, the First Emperor Qin called on all his citizens to build the largest defensive wall yet known to history, the Chang Cheng, or Great Wall, to keep out the northern invaders. He drafted millions of people straight from their dinner tables and wailing wives and children. But who knew that after tens of thousands had sacrificed their lives beneath the ghastly mortar, that it was not the northern barbarians who destroyed his empire, but the wall itself. In memory of those ten thousand dead and those who lived, this Chinese Odyssey is the journey home, physically and mentally, of one of these lonely survivors.


Of the bitter years,

In which I could not see,

I could not touch

I could not feel

-- even in dreams –

I could not go back home.


Ancient faces behind me

To guide me on my journey

And coming sages

After me, to speak of me again

But alas, I am myself

And only that

I am that lonely, lonely


Of the journey home,

Speak, My Heart

-Yet -

Ten hundred years have drawn apart

And I do nothing to remember

But I cannot forget

I can never forget!

The lonely graves a thousand miles away

So nowhere on this Earth

can I truly, truly


And tell my tale anew.