Loch Down

The Frenchman's car drove down the shoddily paved A-82 highway. His headlights penetrated deep into the darkness ahead of him. Pierre Joffre had a very special load in the trunk of his rented car. Something he wanted to dump into Loch Ness, and the sooner, the better. The Master wanted the hacked-up body parts disposed of. Normally speaking, things dumped into the Loch stayed there. The water was five or six degrees Celsius, just above freezing point. Even drowning victims were rarely recovered.

Joffre parked the car a bit off the road, in a small clearing near the water. Making sure no one was around, he popped the trunk. He got out of his car, and reached into his trunk to pull out a burlap sack. He made sure the weights were tied closely to the first sack, and through it into the water. The repeated the ritual for several more sacks, closed the trunk, and prepared to get back in the car when he smelled something strange coming from the water. It smelled like raw sewage mixed with motor oil.

It couldn't be the body parts. He had cooked them in his bathtub of sulfuric acid after hacking them up. Master had told him to do that. Before he could react, a dark shape came from the Loch and splashed towards him. Before Joffre realized it, he was sucked into the rotating jaws of the Loch Ness monster. Nessie, having its stomach full, retreated to the depths.