"My name is Luke, and I'm an alcoholic..."


"Forgive me Father for I have sinned... It's been six weeks since my last confession..."


"You have hurt me for the last time and now it's my turn!"


I remember the day was in early autumn... August the twenty-ninth I think it was... I remember the tall, corporate sky scrapers whizzing past, the sound of police sirens right behind me.

I was stupid then and I thought I could run, but no one can outsmart the cops in a pursuit. I thought I could hide in Central Park... They caught me when as I reached the Bethesda Terrace Fountain.

I don't remember much after that... but before that my memories were so clear.

Her name was Riana and she was my girlfriend for three years. She had helped me get over my alcoholism, but she was nowhere near faithful. She was with another man every week. That's fifty four men a year... That's one hundred and sixty two men throughout the whole time we were together.

I was so stupid. I knew she was cheating on me but I was in love with her so deeply that I just couldn't let her go.

Then one night I was working late and one of my workmates who was also working late was talking to me about how his girlfriend had cheated on him with two guys at the same time, and how he had kicked her out on the street with nothing but a towel.

He didn't know that Riana cheated on me every week. Then I realized that she didn't love me back, and I swore that I would do something to stop her from cheating on me ever again.

I went a wholesaler liquor store and bought a few bottles of vodka and then to an ammunitions shop and got myself a gun and a gun license. The gun was a 9mm revolver with the standard six chambers. I felt like God; able to give and take lives as I pleased.

I went straight to Riana's apartment and let myself in with the spare key. She didn't hear me; she was bonking another random guy from a bar in her bedroom.

Her door was shut but the noise inside was very audible. The headboard was banging against the wall and the screams disgusted me.

I opened the door and leaned against the doorframe, the revolver in my sweating hand.

"Oh Ian, Ian, Ian..." Riana moaned from underneath the man. Her eyes were closed and as she opened them, she saw me at the door and suddenly she was saying, "Luke, Luke, OH FUCK! LUKE!"

The man, Ian rolled off Riana with a shocked look on his face and quickly put his boxers on. Riana pulled the sheet of her bed up over her.

"Hey Riana, you know there's no need to cover yourself," I told her. "I've seen you naked before."

My voice was strange to my ears. It didn't sound like mine. It sounded... almost maniacal.

"What is that gun for?" Riana asked with a scared voice.

"It's for you, honey, and that fucker right there!" I said softly, staring at Ian. "Ha-ha! Fucker, geddit?"

"Please don't do this baby!" Riana pleaded.

"I'm sorry honey," I replied. "You have hurt me for the last time and now it's my turn!"

Now I think that line was fucking corny but it fit at the time.

I raised the gun and fired twice at Ian. His body, kneeling on the carpeted floor, jerked back in a spray of blood.

I walked over to where he was and looked at the messy scene. The carpet was stained bright red. There were two identical holes in his chest where I had shot him and his blood was spilling everywhere, but he was not dead yet.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Riana make a run for it. I spun around and shot. I hit her in the knee and she fell with a head splitting scream as her knee exploded in a spray of blood and bone.

Now that the bitch was not going anywhere in a hurry, I turned back and looked down at Ian.

His eyes were rolling in their sockets, his breathing was ragged and raspy because one of the bullets had punctured his lung, and he was moaning softly.

"I release you from your suffering," I told him, before I shot him in the head.

Being point Blanc range, his head exploded in a cascade of red, grey and white. His blood covered my leather jacket completely and splattered on my face but I didn't care. The fucker was dead. Then it was Riana's turn.

I turned and went to her. She was clutching her bloody leg where her kneecap had been blown out, whimpering softly, on the verge of unconsciousness.

"Hey baby," I said softly, crouching down beside her. "How are you feeling?"

Her answer was a whimper and a pleading look.

"Please, please..." she struggled to say. "Help me... call an... call an..."

She couldn't form the last word; she was in too much pain.

"Help you?" I repeated. "Sure, I'll help end your suffering."

"No... no... please don't... call an... am... bu... lance..."

"Too late, honey," I said maliciously. "They won't be able to save you, but I can."

I pointed the gun at her head and pulled the trigger. Her head exploded almost identically to Ian's and an equal amount of her blood covered me.

I heard sirens in the distance, so I jumped over Riana's now headless body and jogged out of the apartment and down the stairwell to the underground floor where my car was.

That's when the chase started. I raced from South Manhattan to Central Park where my car crashed into a fence and then jumped out, bottle of vodka in hand, trying to run from the cops.

Now, I'm lying on a dentist's chair with a needle in my arm, waiting for the second of the drugs to enter my bloodstream. I am going to die of lethal injection. The clear fluid is travelling down the tube, through the needle.

I'm feeling weaker already. But I must tell you that I now resent that I did that horrendous crime, but my mind wasn't functioning rationally during that point in time so I had no regrets when I was caught in Central Park.

My vision is gone. Goodnight.

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