Cleanse Me by writerforever

Here I stand once again

I stand in front of the cross

I see You, Jesus, hanging upon the tree

Blood caresses Your whole body

And a crown of thorns rests upon Your head

Your holy blood flows from the foot of the cross

I kneel before You

I have come once again to this place

This place where I was first introduced to You

I have sinned against You, my Lord

I am in need of cleansing

I am condemned and contrite

How could I have sinned against You?

How could I have let sin consume me?

Will You forgive me oh Lord?

Will You cleanse me once more?

Cleanse me please Lord

Let me feel the warmth of Your arms about me once more

Let me hear Your words of love echo in my heart once more

Let me feel the rays of Heaven's light shine upon me once more

Cleanse me oh Lord

Please cleanse me so that I can hear Your voice once more