Heating Up

I'm almost to Florida now, and I don't even know what I'm going to do when I get there. This long drive has reminded me of a road trip we all took a little while aback. I'd say about two months ago…

Landon and Lucas got the big idea to go on a road trip for spring break. What better to do then leave all adult supervision and go off on our own to party hardy? So of course all of us girls jumped up and down and wanted to go.

The plan was for the guys to drive down to Florida to this lake-house and back and then us girls would take care of fixing everything up.

Alyssa was the most excited about going. She couldn't wait to get her hands on some of those hot tanned beach guys. But that's a typical Alyssa. She dreamed the whole way up there of finding someone she could spend the whole week. Its like she was trying to disappear from everyone's love triangle. She thought she could spend her nights wrapped up in some guys' arms, but tats probably not all she wanted to do.

Chloe was getting excited as they neared the lake house. It's actually her parents' lake home. Her mom and dad agreed to let her friends' use it because they have friends around there that could keep and eye on them. So sweet of the parents to make sure someone can watch them, if anything at least from a distance. However, she was waiting to spend some time with her two special beaus. She thought she wanted Colin for a little while, but then changed her mind. In truth she loves them both and loves being perused by them. The thought of being with both of them makes her shiver.

As all the other girls, Michelle had her own plans for this coming week too. When Lucas wasn't driving, the two of them were in the backseat together snuggling. Awe so cute! Michelle finally decided to hook up with Lucas. She had always loved him and was tired of making him wait. However, deciding that she was finally ready for a relationship with him wasn't her only decision. She even decided she was "ready".

While each of us had our own motives for wanting to get away no one showed their true feelings.

I don't know why I'm thinking about this trip. This is the week that everything got crazy. I feel like I'm being outcaste by my friends and that's why I'm leaving. I wish I would have told someone, but I just couldn't. Pretty soon I will begin to show and I can't deal with the twenty-one questions. I don't want to hurt my best friends I figure this is the only way to go. To run where no one would consider looking for me…

Some Questions to Ponder:

So… Why am I running away?
Any ideas on who I am yet?
What are the juicy details that happened on their little trip to Florida?
Can you believe Michelle said yes to Lucas?
And she's "Ready"?? What can that mean?
Think it will last?
Who is Chloe going to choose?
Could there be a threesome in the future? Or just a broken heart?And will Alyssa start a fling with someone she doesn't know or mess up one of the girls relationships?

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