Dear Daddy,

I guess you're going to be gone for a long time, I know I'll miss you a whole bunch. I already do. I just wish you'd be home for Father's Day. But since you can't do that, I'll just have to write you this letter.

I know I'm a real brat sometimes. After all, I'm a teenage girl and it always has to be my way. But that doesn't mean that I hate you. I could never hate you, Dad. I love you too much. You're the best Dad in the world and I would never want you to go away. But you have to, and as much as a teenage girl can whine, I guess I can't control your job.

It's too bad, though, that they sent you away over Father's Day. It's too bad that you're always gone for these special occasions.

But it's funny, because even when you're gone, it feels like you're here. Because, Dad, you have that way of making your presence known, whether it be physically or emotionally, or whatever, because you're my dad. And my dad can do anything.

I'm never afraid when you're around, my dad wouldn't let anything happen to me, his baby girl. I know you'll always protect me. Even when you're this far away, you're keeping me safe.

When I get to talk to you for those few moments on the phone, everything gets made better. Because you're here Daddy, you're not out there wherever you are in the world right now. No, you're right here next to me, hugging me and kissing my cheek in that big, slobbery way you can't stop doing. As gross as it is, that's my Daddy kiss. The kiss I don't get from anyone else because no one can ever replace my daddy. You're too special, Dad. Too special to ever be replace.

No one could replace that booming voice, the slobbery kisses, the huge bear hugs, the protectiveness you have over me. No one. Because, Dad, you're the best Dad in the world.

And no one is better than the best.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you!

Love, Stephanie

A/N: Dad, if you're reading this, I did write this on Father's Day WA time, so it's not late no matter what you say!