There once was a girl. A very plain, simple, smart, innocent girl… Who fell in love.

It happened slowly.

When she first met him, she hated him. Just looking at him made her cringe. He was such a stereotypical self-absorbed teenage boy who was only concerned with fucking her roommate. She couldn't stand to be in the same room as him. Talking to him made her brain fall asleep from disuse. He was a moron. Incapable of the simplest of things, like a conversation that involved anything other than the Dave Matthews Band… And all he ever did was drink.

Of course, she wasn't a saint; she didn't go to all her classes and get straight A's. She wasn't any of her teacher's pets, and she wasn't a popularity queen. She was a very talkative, outspoken girl who liked to have fun… But not too much fun. Half the time she barely made it to class, the rest of the time she was sleeping.

Everyone loved her roommate. She always resented her for that. Every boy that came by only came by for Jacqueline. Jacqui this and Jacqui that. The white board on their dorm door was always covered with her praises. It wasn't Jacqueline's fault, really. She was just a much better actress than her roommate ever could have been. Jacqui loved to walk around with a big, fake smile on her face and act like a dumb blonde constantly.

Clementine didn't. She was more concerned with the things going on in her own life. She had been sheltered for most of it, and college was her chance to break out. She had no intention of finding a boyfriend, or screwing around with anyone while she was there. She was just trying to convince herself it was time to meet new people, and be over her small hometown drama of every day life.

Unfortunately, he was one of the first people she met.

It didn't do much to strengthen her eagerness to meet new people.

Maybe it was because it happened at 2:30 in the morning.