Why could I never tell before
How twisted we both were?

You never really told me anything
But I never said much to you

We led a life of silence
Only to meet the end

Without a single "I love you"
We met Death before our time

And never got to say good-bye
I'm sorry I never told you this

I'm glad I'm writing it down
I really do love you so

I just never got the courage
To say all the things to you

I've said it so many times
Had so many conversations in my head

But you always turned a deaf ear
And never heard what I had to say

But I suppose I've done the same
Never listened to you anyway

So we both live and die this way
Our hearts heavy with unrequitted love

Although it seems to fit this way
Our love has grown each and every day

I think we both know it doesn't have to be said
I love you and you love me

We will love each other all of our days
Till death do us part

Till love kills us both
We will love each other

In silence we keep
And in silence we stay

Forever and for always
To the end of our days